Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt are lovers

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt are lovers, not fighters.

Reports that the PDA pals got into a screaming match on Reinhardt's driveway last night are "not true at all," Hilton tells E! News exclusively.

Rather, the celebutante claims, someone made a prank call and said her prized pooch was in trouble.

"We got home from the party last night and someone prank-called me and said that my dog Tinkerbell had been ran over," she says. "They said Tinkerbell is dead—we just found it on Mulholland Drive."

In addition to the doggie drama, keys to Reinhardt's home were nowhere to be found.

"We couldn’t find the keys to the house," Hilton says. "While Doug was looking for the keys, I was screaming on the phone. I'm on the phone crying calling my mom. Obviously I'm going to be crying; she’s like my daughter."

Luckily it was all a hoax.

"I finally got ahold of my assistant. She went to the house and saw that all my dogs were fine," Hilton says.

Hilton explains that her man lives on a cul-de-sac, so noise echoes through the neighborhood. Presumably, this is what prompted the neighbors to call the cops.

"They came to the house and saw that everything was fine and said, ‘Sorry, Ms. Hilton,'" she continues.

Hilton says she gets calls like this all the time and may be changing her number again.

"I don't know who called," Hilton says. "It happens all the time. I've changed my number like 10 times in the past two years. Whoever made that call is sadistic."

In case you were wondering—the pair haven't gotten domestic just yet. Hilton still has her own place.

"We sometimes stay at my house, we sometimes stay at his house," she says. "He lives right in the heart of Beverly Hills, so it's easy."

LAPD spokesman Richard French confirms to E! News that law enforcers responded to a call at the Reinhardt residence but found everything to be copacetic.

"Just before 1 this morning, a patrol unit was called to investigate a domestic-violence incident,” French says. "When police arrived on the scene, it revealed that no crime had occurred, so there was no police report."

This is the third time this week police were called to the couple's residences.


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